What is an Open Source Web Framework and what's so great about it?


Open Source

Open source refers to software that is available for modification by anyone for free. As a result, frameworks are:

  • Secure
  • High Quality
  • Customisable
  • Fast
  • Affordable

Web Frameworks

A web framework is a set of complimentary software development tools, languages and libraries that support development of dynamic websites and web applications that offer fantastic benefits:

  • Any device
  • Any OS
  • Fast development
  • Can work offline

If you have legacy systems or a strong preference we can develop in any framework you like, but below are just a few of our open source web technology favourites:

Wordpress and Joomla

Two of the worlds most popular Content Management Systems.

Easy to modify

No specialist knowledge or technical expertise is required to change text, data, blog posts, videos, photos and other content. This saves money as it makes DIY possible for website changes via an administration panel over the internet.

Lots of built in functionality

This includes social media broadcasts and feeds, e-commerce features, forms and data collection, image upload and publication from smartphones, instant editing, time-based publishing, SEO optimisation and much more.

Design Flexibility

The look and feel of a CMS is separate from the content, making it a much simpler exercise to apply a new design template without having to spend significant time ensuring your content still displays correctly.

Security and User Management

Don't have the time to update your website but want to make sure everything is correct? A CMS will allow you to set up multiple editor accounts and have nominated approvers for any changes before any update is published.

Wordpress logo
  • 74.6 million websites
  • 65% marketshare
  • 3000+ free themes
  • 36K free plugins
Joomla logo
  • 2.8 million websites
  • 13% marketshare
  • 1000+ free themes
  • 5K free plugins


Rapid Database Application Development.

Speed To Market

When time is of the essence it's hard to beat Filemaker for providing fast solutions. With tonnes of built-in features, and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface builder that simultaneously builds the database components, whole systems can be built in days.


Thanks to its large plug-in market and scripting ability, Filemaker can easily integrate with Salesforce, existing accounting and inventory systems, Google Apps, phone systems, email, calendars and custom web applications.

Instant Web and Mobile Deployment

FileMaker WebDirect gives users one-click access to FileMaker solutions in a browser without writing a line of HTML. On iOS devices, FileMaker Go is a free, downloadable app that brings FileMaker solutions to iPhone and iPad users.


FileMaker can integrate with Active Directory or Open Directory authentication services, fully encrypt network traffic, and provide application-level control over both data and interface access.

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